Hello - I'm a London based advertising photographer specialising in people & lifestyle on location. I also shoot interperative underwater images in black and white - see Ocean Images link.
Before my career in photography I worked in the music business - most notably for rock band Queen.

NEWS: My old mate Phil John, who I worked with for Mott The Hoople and later Queen, has published his illustrated diary of the final Mott tour in 1974. A good raucous read of life on the road featuring a young and impressionable me......

Published by 610 Publishing the book should be available on Amazon.


Queen Unseen My book of the time I spent with Queen was published in the UK on October 3rd 2011 and signed copies of the hardback edition can be ordered directly from the publisher. To order a signed copy for 17.99, (UK P&P free - overseas P&P3.00)Please contact John Blake Publishing Ltd with your name, address and contact number on 020 7381 0666 (mon-fri) or email


The book is also available worldwide (unsigned copies) from Amazon. Please click the 'Like' Icon - if you like my book. Thanks.
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KINDLE: The book is now available world-wide as a Kindle download in English from Amazon.

Queen Unseen is a unique account of the many exciting years as a young man I spent on tour, in the recording studio, on video shoots and day to day life at home with one of the world's biggest and best ever rock bands. It is an insightful, enlightening and mostly humorous account for anybody who has ever wondered what working for Queen, or indeed most rock bands of that era really entailed..... the highs and the lows. It is not a chronological history or definitive biography of the band, but a personal story of what it was like to spend your youth travelling the world and living the rock and roll lifestyle - to the full!
There are NO lurid details of the band's private lives. There is plenty of sex and drugs and rock and roll - it's what happened.... I make observations and comments about all the fantastic places we visited and played, and what it was like living, at times, a crazy and surreal existence.
There are photo sections in the book that contain colour and black & white images from my successful Queen The Unseen Archive show that was exhibited in London and Australia recently.
I hope you will join me on my journey and share all the many highs and some lows of having Access All Areas to Queen.

Peter (Ratty) Hince

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Another book on Queen now released in paperback: Is This The Real Life ? The Untold Story Of Queen.
It's written by Mark Blake, a top music journalist and editor in chief of Q magazine and Mojo special edition titles.
Mark is vastly experienced in writing about rock music and is very knowledgeable too.
When contacted by Mark to contribute to his book, I was very impressed by the amount of work, research and accuracy to detail he was putting into the project. Mark regularly consulted me on facts and made a huge effort to get pertinent and interesting people involved. This is such a refreshing attitude to writing about Queen, and in my opinion is the best account of the band by a journalist yet. Congratulations Mark !

The book is published by Aurum Press. It is available worldwide and through Amazon online.

The centre section of the book has 16 pages of photographs featuring many rare and unseen photos of the band in their very early days. Also featured are images from my 'Queen The Unseen Archive' exhibition - and some of my other rare photos.

Here are a few of mine:


Voyageur Press from the U.S.A have published The illustrated History of Queen. It's a great book and (before my book is published) what Queen and their fans deserve. I contributed to the project and only did so because I believed in what they were doing. I recommend it.

Voyageur Press Website

I am often asked to attend Italian Queen events and In August 2009 I participated in Queen Day in Castenuovo Rangone, near Modena in northern Italy. I was kindly invited by Luca of and after meeting him when I was in Bologna earlier this year agreed to contribute to what was a great day. I go to Italy regularly as I have family there and many friends, some who I have met via my connection with Queen.


LINK: Italian Queen Day on YouTube